1. Go get this one Roger!

  2. Now that’s a cutie.

  3. Roger says Merry Christmas!

  4. This looks like a good idea.

  5. fuck-yeah-tennis:


    Roland Garros 2009 + emotions


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  6. Legal Bagel

    Imperfect defense of others: actual but unreasonable belief of fear/force


  7. Legal Bagel

    The “objective” entrapment test focuses on police conduct rather than the predisposition of D, it states that certain police actions enticing normal law abiding citizens to commit crime is not tolerated (D’s past record and present inclinations to criminality does not make certain police enticing actions ok)


  8. Legal Bagel

    The “subjective” entrapment test: entrapment is established only if (1) governmental instigation and inducement oversteps the bounds of permissibility, and (2) the D did not harbor a preexisting criminal intent


  9. Legal Bagel

    CA Penal Code § 31: a person is a principal in a crime, although he does not directly commit the act constituting the offense, when he aids and abets in its commission, or , not being present, advises and encourages its commission (e.g., using innocent agents)

  10. My heart breaks for Andy, but I was rooting for Roger all the way.  I watched the entire thing that morning, it was a great Sunday.